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November 19, 2018

When I heard a good friend of mine had recently qualified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist – I thought she’d have to be good.  I’ve known Sam (Churchill) since I was about 12 years old.  Sam is a true horse woman and I just knew that she would be someone I would like to look at my horses.

Sam Churchill Equine Therapist

I had a dressage lesson on Jiggy last month and the trainer and I noticed that she was particularly stiff on one rein, unusually so.  She recommended I contact ‘ a back person’ as we call them and instantly I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give SJC Therapies (Sam) a call,  which is even more convenient now that she is living back in Cornwall.

Equine Sports Massage

Sam Churchill Equine Therapist

Sam Churchill Equine Therapist

Sam was really informative when she was assessing Jiggy and talked about all the muscles groups, joints and areas she was working on and where she thought the source of Jiggy’s stiffness was (I wish I could give you a more detailed technical account of what Sam was doing  but I’m not very good with remembering the technical names of bones, joints etc – sorry! I will listen harder next time!).

Sam Churchill Equine Therapist

Sam gave Jiggy a good going over which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy, even in the rain. I gave her a couple of days off and instantly she felt so much better when I got back on board. Within a week the stiffness we were experiencing had almost gone  – which I was incredibly relieved about and thankful to Sam for sorting her out. Thanks Sam!

Equine sports massage blogger review

Here’s some of the benefits of equine sports massage:

~ Improve circulation
~ Improve gait quality
~ Improve range of motion
~ Improve muscle development and muscle tone
~ Aids the removal of toxins
~ Improve and maintain flexibility and tissue elasticity
~ Help prevent injury
~ Reduce strain on tendons and ligaments
~ Relieve areas of soreness, tension and discomfort
~ Aid rehabilitation post injury
~ Promote relaxation


For those interested in Sam’s services – you can get in touch with her via her Facebook page –www.facebook.com/sjctherapies  or follow her on Instagram – @sjctherapies.



*photos: Lizzie Churchill.

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