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April 17, 2015

Recently I’ve joined up with Protexin Equine Premium to review their range of products and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Over the last month I’ve been using Recover Aid and the results have been impressive.  I’ve recently purchased a 4 year old Irish Sports Horse from Ireland.   Since getting off the ferry, Snip’s not been well – I think the journey over to Cornwall has really taken it out of him! In an attempt to give him his spark back,  I’ve been giving him Recover Aid in his feed, daily.  After two weeks I’ve really noticed the difference. Whilst I am known to be sceptical about horse supplements, honestly, the results have been significant and the supplement is now an essential must have in my feed room.


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Protexin Equine Premium, Recover Aid.

I had Snip on a sachet a day for 14 days and his improvement over that short period has been great.  As well as being very lethargic, with a dull coat, he had a nasty cough which was only present when being exercised. This has since dissipated since being on Recover Aid.

horse blog UK

Snip – Atomic Cruis x Clover Hill

How to feed

This is a highly paletable supplement.  I’ve also been feeding it to my chestnut mare (post competitions).  She’s ‘Miss Fussy’ when it comes to food and I wasn’t sure if she would eat it. To my suprise her feed bucket has been left squeeky clean each time.

Both my competition horses are below 600kg, so I give them 1 sachet in their daily feed. For horses over 600kg, 2 sachets per day is reccomended.

You can find out more about Protexin Equine and their range of probiotic supplements here.


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