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Crested & Country

November 16, 2017

  I want to introduce you to a brand I am loving at the moment, and, who I’m sure will grow into a household name that all us country folk will recognise in the future. Introducing Crested & Country Crested and Country clearly originates from the countryside. The business founder, Emily Frain, has designed a range of timeless pieces and I challenge you to find any country/equestrian person who does not love them. Pictured is the Partridge Bag in brown. I…

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SWIG hip flasks
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SWIG Hip Flasks

Special guest Morveth steps in to see what he thinks of the SWIG hipflask. As a young man born and raised on a remote farm in Cornwall, he is certainly fit for reviewing such a product. Here is what he though. My experience has…

November 27, 2015
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Riding In Style With Ariat

Boots, boots, boots – I love boots! Ahh, I could of screamed with excitement this week when my Ariat delivery arrived. I’ve worn Ariat boots for over 15 years and they have been great.  They have been the only yard boot to have lasted…

May 10, 2015
Country Cute Cushion
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Country Interiors by Country Cute

Recently I came across the aptly named Country Cute who make some of the most gorgeous, country life inspired, handmade items.  For anyone looking to add a hint of country to their home their products couldn’t be more fitting. Obviously (me being me), I was after something…

March 23, 2015