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Meet The Cornish Dairy Farmer Taking On The Worlds Toughest Horse Race

July 22, 2017

This week I caught up with Cornish Dairy Farmer, Paul Richards, to hear about his latest adventure. In August, Paul is competing in the Mongol Derby. A race regarded as the world’s longest and toughest horse race.   1.  So Paul, what is the Mongol Derby and why have you chosen to take on this enormous challenge? Why I’m doing it is a good question! I came across the Mongol Derby on YouTube while looking for something else. I followed it online for the last…

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Charlotte Smith Dressage & Showing producer
Charlotte Smith Riders

Meet Showing & Dressage Producer, Charlotte Smith

One reason A Country Lady was established was to help support and promote talented riders. This month, we are very happy to introduce Charlotte Smith to the blog.  Charlotte is a producer of both dressage and show horses and will be blogging monthly on her…

March 18, 2016