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January 26, 2017

Making plans for 2017

Hello! When I last wrote I had one of the Blue Chip Championship Qualifiers coming up. However unfortunately one was cancelled, and another I was away for!

Poppy Burford’s Junior Show Jumping Blog

As it is a New Year, I am excited for the opportunities ahead. Our stables are booked for Welsh Home Pony International and plenty of competition dates have been pencilled in. I think it is important to have specific goals and the main shows I’m planning for are:
– Blue Chip and maybe POYS (April)
– Royal Cornwall (June)
– Bicton Pony Premier (June)
– WHPI (July)

Mary is really relaxed at the moment and seems to be enjoying herself. We had a great ride on the beach with a good long gallop. She’s both mentally and physically fit.

Our flatwork is still improving and I feel as if we are really getting it now and actually working together. I’m also really enjoying it. All the credit goes to Sue!

Results wise Mary won an Accumulator class in December at The Grange and today we competed in a Pony Club Dengie dressage class. Mary was good however very tense!

Poppy Burford’s Junior Show Jumping Blog

I am doing my GCSE’s next term and am currently doing mock exams. This means I have a constant juggle between revising and riding. The dark wintry evenings are also a challenge and there is not much time to ride! I have to make decisions between going to revision master classes or going riding? On top of all this, there is also the time crunch of not having much time left in Juniors as this is my last year! I am going away to do my A-Levels at the end of August which leaves practically no time at all.

I have really sensitive skin and after wearing my hat for long periods of time, I used to get a really sore irritation on one side of my forehead. It hurt but also didn’t look too great. Luckily, I found DryBrow which are super absorbent hat liners that provide a solution to damp, stale headgear. I now use them constantly on all my hats. I haven’t had any sore patches since and as a bonus they seem to decrease the feeling of sweat. I think they are an amazing product so definitely worth a try if you’ve had an irritation of some sort on your head.

Until next time.

Poppy x

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