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September 29, 2015

One Weekend To the Next and lots of Upgrades!

Horses are all on fantastic form and all progressing well through the season.  About Time Too and Foxy Lady inparticular making the quick step up to CIC** at Somerford and both loving it!

Ginny Howe Eventing Blog
The younger horses have been keeping up good Novice form whilst I had two off to Hartpury one of which a catch rider in the CCI*.
Ginny Howe Eventing Blog


No new arrivals on the foal front… well, until next year, with the exciting arrival of another two to add to my breeding empire which is somewhat growing quite rapidly!

The lovely Irish saying always told to me by a great friend…

“Now Ginny… (with a shaking of his head), only fools breed horses for rich men to buy!!”

Probably very true but the excitement and planing for the future it over takes!

Imperato is sat patiently waiting to see if we get our spot into Blenheim CCI***, my local event just 10mins down the road – it would be such a shame to not get in!

With the eventing still very much in full swing right to the very end, I’ve almost done my last lot of event entries then it’s holiday time and on to lots of teaching through the winter whilst some of the horses have a bit of a break.

In the mean time no rest and it’s Blenheim next week followed by South Of England **. Not to mention Osberton CCI*, Calmsden, Oasby and Aldon.

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