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At Home With My Christy

July 5, 2018

The older I’m getting the more I enjoy being at home.  After a busy day it’s bliss to come home to relax or work on the cottage – which is an ongoing project. I’m really enjoying my transition into the world of interiors.  One thing that has to be done right is my bedding. I’m really fussy about anything to do with the haven that is my bed.  However, I think that’s entirely justified given how much of our lives we spend in…

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Country Cute Cushion
Country Country Life Interiors Reviews

Country Interiors by Country Cute

Recently I came across the aptly named Country Cute who make some of the most gorgeous, country life inspired, handmade items.  For anyone looking to add a hint of country to their home their products couldn’t be more fitting. Obviously (me being me), I was after something…

March 23, 2015