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5 things you are likely to find in an equestrians home

March 19, 2018

1. A well used AGA

The first cooker of choice for most horse owners is an Aga. An equestrians aga will have many roles aside from cooking, this includes drying boots and tack, to warming bums up after a freezing cold ride.

10 things you will find in a horse riders home

2. A dedicated “muddy boot area”

As you walk into the front door of a horse owners home, the first thing you will probably notice is a rack full of muddy, smelly boots and a large collection of coats, hats and gloves which have seen better days. A horse owner can never have too many old clothes.

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3. An extension of the tack room

Most equestrians homes will have an area dedicated to their tack. Why? because of course their saddles are too good to actually go outside in the tack room! You’ll find best tack and boots take pride of place in their home.

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4. A mantle piece full of rosettes & photos

Naturally our horses are the most precious things and you’ll find photos of them almost everywhere you look around the house. You’ll also notice mantle pieces full of rosettes, trophies and sashes, because we are super proud of our horses and we want everyone know how amazing they are.

10 things you will find in a horse riders home

5. Scatterings of straw and hay throughout the house, with a waff of ammonia here and there

We can’t help it, no matter how hard we try to stay clean it’s just impossible. Straw and hay is like a magnet to us – we just can’t escape it. It likes to hide in our hair, down our boots, even down our pants… You will know straight away when you enter an horse owners home because the first thing you will notice is a trail of hay and straw.

what you will find in a horse riders house

What else do you think you’ll find in an equestrians home?

Abi xx

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