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Cottage Update | A new kitchenette & single room restyle…

April 12, 2019

Since I completed my interiors course back in December, I have felt much more confident making decisions regarding the house and it’s also made me a little bolder and prepared to take a few more interior related risks! One thing we have done is kept to a tight budget and I’m really proud that we have hardly bought anything new for the house, all of our furniture has been purchased second hand. I love having second hand furniture, its far more interesting and…

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Country Cute Cushion
Country Country Life Interiors Reviews

Country Interiors by Country Cute

Recently I came across the aptly named Country Cute who make some of the most gorgeous, country life inspired, handmade items.  For anyone looking to add a hint of country to their home their products couldn’t be more fitting. Obviously (me being me), I was after something…

March 23, 2015