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5 things you are likely to find in an equestrians home

March 19, 2018

1. A well used AGA The first cooker of choice for most horse owners is an Aga. An equestrians aga will have many roles aside from cooking, this includes drying boots and tack, to warming bums up after a freezing cold ride. 2. A dedicated “muddy boot area” As you walk into the front door of a horse owners home, the first thing you will probably notice is a rack full of muddy, smelly boots and a large collection of…

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5 Of The Best Riding Boots On The Market

This week we look at 5 of the best long boots on the market. 1. EquiClass   EquiClass have a range of superb Secchiari italian boots.  Each pair can be individually designed by you, giving each buyer a unique pair boots, designed and fitted just…

May 19, 2015