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SWIG Hip Flasks

November 27, 2015

Special guest Morveth steps in to see what he thinks of the SWIG hipflask. As a young man born and raised on a remote farm in Cornwall, he is certainly fit for reviewing such a product. Here is what he though.

SWIG hip flasks

My experience has found that products such as hipflasks are often bought as a kind of novelty impulse buy and prolific last minute Christmas present. And this is not to be downplayed as a hip flask is always going to make for a decent present, even if it’s not used much it’s just nice to know it’s there to use when the time comes. What man wouldn’t be delighted on receipt of a piece of drinking apparatus?

However living in the countryside gives a hipflask a real sense of purpose, there are many occasions when it has use and can really add to an occasion. It has the power to transform a cold and blustery winter walk into an exciting adventure and a warming comfort drink is often highly welcomed on such an occasion.

SWIG have created the perfect example of a modern hip flask, possessing all the attributes you so desire. The quality and look is impeccable – the flask itself has a rounded finish which feels nice and staunch to hold and with a wide selection of pouches, including leather and tweed, there is something for everyone.

A hip flask is something which should last a life-time and it would be counterintuitive to buy a lesser product which deteriorates and leaks after a year or two. The Swig Hip Flask is created from one piece of stainless steel which means the longevity of this product should see it endure generations of use. It should one-day become a sentimental piece with many stories to tell and for this reason I find it hard to compare this product to any other new equivalents and can compare only to those which are in excess of 100 years old and stand proud on the dresser of my family farm and yet still fully fit to use if necessary.

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