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Henley Royal Regatta

July 28, 2014


Recently I attended Henley Royal Regatta and since attending the event I have been dying to write about it!  It is quite possibly the most ‘English’ event I have ever attended.   A place where trainers and informal dress is unseen, Henley is exquisitely English and certainly a place to showcase your wardrobes finest!

Rowers at Henley

The Venue

Set on the River Thames in the picturesque town of Henley, the location of the event couldn’t be more fitting.  Reminiscent of a scene in The Wind in the Willows, joyous spectators line the River bank over the 2km course, picnicking and sipping champagne.  There’s a real aurora of excitement in the air and a underlying energy which carries on through the day and into the night time, when numerous parties get under way.

Chase Vodka

The Event

The event runs over the course of 5 days (Wednesday – Sunday) and whilst for many this is an annual high society event, this too is a very serious rowing event which comprises of world class rowers. The event is a knock out competition which culminates in the final on the Sunday.  From single scullers, through to boats 8 strong, competitive rivalry is fierce!  Rowers face the battle of a 2km sprint, which is part fuelled by the cheers of thousands of spectators who line the bank to cheer them on.  As one of the most highly regarded rowing events the prestige of winning at Henley is clear.  You get a real sense of the drive, grit and determination the rowers have.

Henley Royal Regatta

Dress Code

Now if you are planning on going to Henley Royal Regatta don’t ignore the dress code, especially if you are planning on heading into the infamous Steward’s enclosure.  Ladies should be in dresses below the knee, and men, a shirt, tie and blazer all required.  You can find out more about the dress code rules here.  Dress and etiquette is taken very seriously.


Henley Regatta Dress Code

Night Life

I’d be writing all day if I talked about all the partying and drinking locations one may choose to enter at Henley.  London nightclub, Mahiki won us over.  With its summer/Hawaiian feel, it ticked all the boxes for us girls!


Regarding the drink of the day, Pimms seemed to be the No.1 drink for most in attendance at the event.  However, for us girls we couldn’t resist the lure of the Chase Vodka stand! Continuing with the very English theme, Chase served a cool selection of sumptuous summer cocktails.  Berry, rhubarb, and ginger lined cocktails were top of our menu.

Chase Vodka


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