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Taking Derriere Equestrian Underwear For A Test Ride

January 26, 2015

Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty (DEPPP)

Recently I won a pair of Derrieres equipped with ‘The Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System’ and I was excited to find out what all the hype was about.

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I must admit I was a little apprehensive.  As a girl in her 20’s I wasn’t sure if I wanted, or needed, padded underwear.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised.  Firstly, these are one classy pair of pants. They look quality and they certainly feel like it too. You can see that much thought and care has gone into the design.

It is a struggle for riders (especially for us girls) to find a pair of underwear that fits seamlessly under breeches and the first thing I was worried about was that dreaded VPL (Visible Pant Line).  Well if it is a VPL you’re worried about, fear no more ladies, you’ll barely notice the underwear once your breeches are on. The stitching ensures they sit flush against the leg and bum, and the material gives a snug fit preventing the underwear gathering and creasing in all the wrong places.

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Taking the underwear for a test ride proved that it lived up to its glowing reputation.  I underwent a full day of hunting and was surprised at how comfy I felt in the saddle, no rubbing whatsoever!  The underwear added an extra level of comfort and in a strange way, security.

Retailing at £34.99 you won’t be disappointed by the underwear.  These are a staple for any riders wardrobe and an impressive pair of pants.  I will most definitely be putting in another order.


To find out more about Derriere Equestrian and to see their full range of products visit here.



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