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January 29, 2015

My Equestrian Wish List

I’m more horse mad than ever at the moment.  At twenty-six my obsession only seems to be getting worse and I frequently find myself dreaming about what horsey goodies I can purchase next.

It’s good to have goals. Something to work too. This post isn’t supposed to tease you about what you can’t have, but instead give you the motivation to get those gorgeous pair of boots you’ve been dreaming of.

So, here’s my top products of the week:

1. De Niro Ramses with Crocodile Top.

Wow.  Just wow.  Imagine prancing around the yard in these – I think even the horses would be impressed!  Whilst I am one for tradition, I also love to be bold and these are the perfect balance between the two. There are various outlets that sell these online and they do come with a fair, but I’d say justified, price tag of circa £550.


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2. Equiline Nick Skelton Saddle

Oh this is stunning. Yes it is expensive but look at it?!  I adore Equiline products, they are always fabulous quality. The rich chocolate colour and shape of this saddle is striking, plus, it’s designed by the one and only Nick Skelton so it’s got to be good right? You can learn more about this saddle here.

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3. Rimini Breeches – circa £100.

Everyone should have at least one pair of brightly coloured breeches in their wardrobe. I love the finer details on these breeches. The red buton, white stitching and knee grips tick all the right boxes for me.  Jazzy but not too in your face.

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4.Roeckl Sports London Riding Gloves

I often think to myself that there is not enough quality gloves on the market.  They tend to come in basic colours and are well, uninspiring. So when I saw these I was delighted.  A soft, lightweight, elastic non-slip glove. Perfect. These can be purchased for £31.50 from Cross Country Style.

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5. Stephens Gel-Eze Lambskin Half Pad 

With the cold weather and fully clipped horses it’s the season for cold backs and sensitivity, so this pad had to be on my list this week.  Real sheepskin, equipped with an in-built gel pad system to shock absorb and aid comfort for the horse. This can be purchased from Country Base for £89.00.

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6. Dublin Pinnacle Boots

Dublin Pinnacle boots

A pair of good yard boots is essential for this time of the year.  These Dublin Pinnacle boots can be used for riding and for yard duties – perfect. They can be purchased from Total Horse for £114.97.

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