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HAAS Horse Brushes

October 4, 2015

I’m delighted.  This week I received HAAS brushes from Eqclusive and they are simply amazing. I think it’s important to remember that brushes are not only things that clean our horses, but also tools that allow us to connect with them on a deeper level; strengthening bonds.

HAAS Brushes from EqclusiveI always neglect my horses when it comes to the brushes I use, mainly because I can never justify the spend. This week it was such a treat to have some wonderful brushes to use. I really noticed the difference.

HAAS Brushes from Eqclusive

The lovely Marta, at Eqclusive made a pack just for me. This ensured the brushes could be used on my chestnut mare, Zara, and my grey horse, Mr Snip.

The pack included:

 1. HAAS Parcour brush

HAAS Brushes from Eqclusive

This brush is specially made for grey horses, but can be used on chestnuts also. It’s specifically designed to take all the stains out.  In terms of using it, it can be brushed both towards and against the hair.  If you treat yourself to a pack,  this brush should be used first.

2. HAAS Cavalerie Brush

HAAS Brushes from EqclusiveThis brush removes all the dirt, dust and takes the final residues away from the coat. It’s my personal favourite.

3. HAAS Coat Gloss Brush

HAAS Brushes from EqclusiveNow we are getting towards the ‘icing on top of the cake’. This brush takes all the final dust out of the coat and gives the shine.

4. HAAS Diva Brush

HAAS Brushes from EqclusiveFinally, HAAS Diva. This brush is amazing. The inner oval of the brush is super soft sheepskin.  This brush should be used last to provide that final shine. My chestnut mare doesn’t like being brushed at the best of times, however she thoroughly enjoyed this one.

I can’t think of anything negative to say about these brushes. They are real quality and worth the price.

RRP: £65 per pack, or brushes can be purchased individually.

To find out more visit: www.eqclusive.com

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