12 Reasons You Know You’re An Equestrian

January 22, 2015

You know you’re an equestrian when….

1.You have more photos of your horse than any other member of the family.


2. You’re constantly eyeing up potential jumps.

you know you're an equestrian when


3. Your house is an extension of your tack room.


4. It’s a regular occurrence to do the horses in your pyjamas.



5. You find yourself becoming an expert when it comes to forecasting the weather; mainly due to the amount of time you spend staring at the app on your phone checking riding conditions.



6. NOTHING is more exciting than looking for a new horse or window-shopping for your fantasy one!

you know you're an equestrian when


7. You refer to wisdom teeth as wolf teeth and then look completely baffled when people have no idea what you are talking about.

You Know You’re An Equestrian When


8.You actually enjoy getting up at 4am if it means that you get to compete.

images (1) 


9. You haven’t experienced agony until you watch your grey horse roll.



10. Your car resembles what can only be described as a fight between a tack room, a jumble sale, and copious amounts of hay.



11. Your non-horsey friends (yes some of us have a few) don’t understand anything you do and the more you explain the crazier they think you are.

You Know You’re An Equestrian When


12. You find yourself saving unwanted apples and carrots as you know how much your horse will enjoy them.


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