A Tractor Fit For 007 – David Brown 25D

September 29, 2014

Pictured is our dear old David Brown 25D. What you may not know is that the manufacturing and design of this little tractor was influenced by the same man that went on to buy Aston Martin in 1947 and then influence and create one of the most dapper sports cars ever. This is where the Aston Martin “DB” (standing for David Brown) series started and which is still, according to Aston Martin the “classic model bloodline that sits at the heart of the Aston Martin range”. Tr In 1939 the first David Brown tractor was launched at the Royal Agricultural Show and production began at their factory in Meltham, Yorkshire. The 25D was a 50’s baby and this was a fantastic era for both the trators and the sports cars. In the 50’s and 60’s Aston Martin took the world and Le Man’s title seeing off competition from the likes of Ferrari. We also saw the introduction of what must be the most iconic and best 007 car ever! Sean Connery brought the DB5 to fame in the 60’s James Bond films making it arguably one of the coolest cars. Ever. This was just a great era for for both the tractors and the sports cars.

David Brown himself was doing very well at this point and living a glamorous lifestyle yet at the same time still remained true to his roots; a 1952 picture shows him standing proudly next to a David Brown tractor with Formula One champion Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel. Lad. It’s kind of like 2 brothers in a way – One being a rugged, noble and hardworking gentleman. The other a sharp, savvy young man with unwavering ambition and poise.

David Brown 25D

In 1948 David Brown also acquired Lagonda. Other similar examples can be found from Porsche and Lamborghini who also have tractors in the bloodline. We may see a Massey Ferguson on the race track yet!

Today’s post was written by Morveth Ward, businessman and vintage tractor extraordinaire.

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