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Are You Riding Fit?

June 19, 2015

As a partnership, personally I think every rider should be responsible for matching their horses fitness – we spend so much time ensuring our horses are fit, and we should spend just as much time making sure we are fit, if the partnership is to perform at its best.

I really do notice the difference in my riding (and consequently my horse’s way of going) when my fitness is at a good level.

I’ve got the Nike Womens 10km in London at the weekend so I thought I’d share basic, but in my opinion fundamental, training tips for those of you thinking it’s about time you were keeping up with your horse in terms of fitness levels!

I’ve also been lucky enough to have recieved this box of goodies from Vita Coco to help ensure I stay hydrated along the way.


1. Hydrate


First things first, I can’t express the importance of keeping hydrated. Drink plenty. Aside from water, milk and coconut water are also great for hydration.

2. Stretching

IMG_5594 IMG_5595

Stretching and warming up (and down) is so important. I spend at least 15 minutes stretching both before and after exercise. To get the most from your training it is essential that you do this.


3. Varied Exercise Plan

To achieve best results, it is important that any exercise plan is varied – this will ensure you target all body muscles and are not putting too much pressure on a particular area. Think of what you do with your horse in terms of fitness and this will help inspire your work outs.

I aim for  x 3 cardio sessions per week and x 1 weights session per week which consists of: squats, lunges and dead lifts.

Weights are often overlooked by women but are so important. Once you start them you soon start to see and feel the benefits.

One word of warning: don’t go too heavy to begin with, start with a lighter weight until you have perfected your technique.


4. Determination

Really this should be number 1 on the list as without it you will not achieve your fitness goals. Stay focused and keep reminding yourself of why you are exercising.  As you start to see the results that will spur you on.


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