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Love Lavender, save the Bees

August 6, 2014

At the weekend my partner and I had a go at tackling the garden.  I don’t proclaim to be an experienced gardener but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of plant shopping and designing how I wanted the garden – I found the process very cathartic!


My inspiration

I recently visited Abbey Garden on Tresco in the Isles of Scilly and I was blown away by the array of ‘botanical treasures’ on display.  The Lavender rows really caught my attention and they were certainly a popular attraction with the Bees! I’d highly advise that any visitor to the Scillies visits the garden.

Lavender Rows

Why choose Lavender

Firstly, as well as smelling wonderful Lavender is Bee friendly.  Lavender is universally loved by Bees and that’s why it was our number one choice for the garden.  Living on a farm biodiversity is key, and we try to support it as much as we can.  Bees are fundamental to the pollination process and we try to ensure we encourage them as much as possible. Part of this is through choosing  ‘Bee friendly’ plants.


The smell of Lavender brings about nostalgia for me.   As a child my mum would dry it and put it under my pillow to help me sleep.  It has so many wonderful uses and I’m on a mission to help promote it as much as possible, I just think it’s a wonderful plant.


A Range of uses
On my Lavender promotion quest, I thought i’d to share just a few of my favourite alternate uses for it.

1. Eating

From cakes, biscuits, and ice creams, to flavouring honey and other foods, Lavender not only smells beautiful, it tastes great too.   Check out this delicious Lavender and white chocolate ice cream recipe from how sweet it is, I’m sure you’ll be shocked at just how good it tastes.

Lavender ice cream

2. Beauty Products

Lavender has many properties which is why it is a common component in many moisturisers, bath products, oils and soaps.  As well as aiding relaxation it acts as a soothant, an anti-inflammatory and a natural cleansant.

Lavender Bath Salts

For those on the hunt for some Lavender products, check out Neal’s Yard Remedies, a personal favourite of mine!


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