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November 3, 2015

Well, I was hoping that October would bring better luck than September, but I was wrong! Was all packed up and ready to go for my Step Up to Gold Selection day and my lorry decides it doesn’t want to play. So this put my Step up to Gold and the Halloween Spooktacular at Arena UK off the cards. Unfortunately these things happen, and always seems to be the worst timing! I have been informed that I can do my selection next year for my Step up to Gold anyway, so its not the end of the world -it’s just one of those things.

Elle McCoans Show Jumping Blog

After Ed arrived from Belgium, he was a little thin and didn’t have much muscle, probably due to the fact that he had done a lot of travelling and hadn’t long been cut, so I decided to try a supplement called Equitop Myoplast. My physio (Dr Martin Firth from County Equine) recommended the supplement to help with weight gain and muscle gain, so I purchased some from the vets.  Equitop Myoplast is a unique food supplement scientifically designed to support muscle development. It contains a complex blend of 18 amino acids, which compliments those required by growing and recovering equine muscle tissue. I was a little sceptical about about the supplement but after using it and seeing the difference it has made I would definitely recommend it to anyone. One tub usually lasts around 6 weeks or so, but even after 2 weeks of using it I could see the difference. It isn’t the cheapest supplement out there at £70-£80, but knowing how well it worked on Ed I would definitely say it is worth the money!

With winter feeling well underway (already!), and not much going on show wise, Iv’e decided to just use the next few months training and going to a few shows ready for next season. That gives me a chance to really get to grips with Ed and get to know him – as we all know, these things take time! I also like to do a few different things over the winter with my horses to keep them fresh rather than turning them away. So I’ll be doing a little bit of dressage (help me) and some hunting just to do something different with them.

I have a youngster at home, which will be 3 next time. She is called Loutoria, but I call her Lottie at home. I bought Lottie as a foal and am really looking forward to starting with her next year. She has Heartbreaker bloodlines so if turns out as well as she is bred, I should have a lovely little horse on my hands!

Elle McCoan’s Show Jumping Blog

After selling Cava, I decided to treat myself to some new tack. I have a lovely new Saint Lourdes ‘Dirk Demeersman’ saddle which is an absolute dream to ride in…and it’s one of those saddles which seems to fit every horse I put it on! I also bought a Dyon Bridle with a CWD breastplate for shows – which I really like too. The leather on both the breastplate and bridle is lovely, and with the white stitching it really stands out.

Elle McCoan’s Show Jumping Blog

This winter is going to be a tricky one as I will be working a lot – but we all know how expensive horses are to keep! Juggling a full time job and keeping the horses going is hard work, but with the support of my family, friends and trainer we manage.

Not so much news on the show front this month but just something a little different.. and I’m sure i’ll have some interesting news for you next month on my ‘attempt’ (poor no doubt) at dressage!

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