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Crested & Country

November 16, 2017

  I want to introduce you to a brand I am loving at the moment, and, who I’m sure will grow into a household name that all us country folk will recognise in the future. Introducing Crested & Country Crested and Country clearly originates from the countryside. The business founder, Emily Frain, has designed a range of timeless pieces and I challenge you to find any country/equestrian person who does not love them. Pictured is the Partridge Bag in brown. I…

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handmade christmas decorations

A Homemade Christmas | Orange and Clove Pomanders

A Homemade Christmas  Living in a rural location, Christmas for us is all about what natural resources we can gather from around the farm to make festive decorations out of.  Whislt not harvested from the farm, this week we’ve made orange and clove pomander balls.…

December 3, 2014