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Riding Fashion – Why It’s Rivaling The Red Carpet

March 20, 2015

Move over Naomi Campbell, equestrians are coming through.

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The changing face of equestrian fashion

There’s a common perception about a ‘horsey girl’.  Someone who wears muddy clothes, always looks like she’s been pulled through a hedge backwards, and carries with her a distinct smell of horses.

Well for most of us (and for the majority of time) this may be true.  However, there’s a new wave of riders and equestrian companies who are paving the way for a new look, and a trendy one at that!


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Whilst etiquette has always been important (and still is), riders are now taking it to a new level, and I’m loving it!

equestrian fashion

Today you’ll find us riders in handmade Italian boots – worthy of comment at Paris fashion week. You’ll find us in saddles which ooze finesse and horses who look like they’ve just stepped out of a Disney fairy tale.

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The ‘bling- tastic’ movement

So who’s responsible for this new look?  There’s several companies mentioned below who I feel are mainly responsible (especially in the show jumping world) for this development, and several celebrities also leading the way.


Animo braved to go where no one else had dared to go before and us riders couldn’t get enough of it.  They got the balance just right with a classic but contemporary look.  Jackets became more fitted with a splash of diamanté here and there and suddenly riding clothing had pizazz.

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Katie Price

Whilst I can’t admit to being an advocate of her clothing range, Katie Price is certainly championing the glitter and sparkle.  Equestrian clothing has never been so ‘bling-tastic’.  You only have to look at her clothing range to see how she’s been a real advocate of the bling.

equestrian fashion blog

 So what’s next?  How much further can we go? Maybe we will reach London fashion week yet!




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