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May 29, 2015

As mentioned in my previous post here, Bioflow Pets sent us some products to try and they certainly got the thumbs up from the residents of Mount Amalebra Farm!

bioflow horse boots

This is Zara, my 16.1hh dutch warm blood mare, wearing her Bioflow brushing boots.  Zara has really had a bad year – suffering two injuries and needing a year off.  This long period of innactivity caused Zara to become very stiff.

These boots have been great. I’ve been using them for the last two months and they have made the world of difference. I now have the full set and put them on her at every opportunity I get.

As mentioned in my previous post here, the boots use magnetic technology which improves conditions such as arthritis, stiffness and other joint problems.

bioflow horse boots

The boots are made from a high performance weatherproof neoprene fabric, with each boot containing two Central Reverse Polarity magnets. I’ve used these boots for quite some time on Zara and absolutely swear by them!

You can find out more about the boots here.

RRP: £65:00

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