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August 1, 2014

I’ve ridden for over 20 years and I have therefore used my fair share of bits in that period.  Recently I purchased a Horse who arrived with full tack included (always a bonus!).  As part of her tack, a Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Full Cheek bit was included.



Neue Schule


The Benefits

I must admit I’m always a bit sceptical of anything new and ‘revolutionary’. I’m very much old school in the equipment I use to train my horses.  However, I was really surprised by the way my horses have responded to this bit.


1. Comfort

The bit is slim, that added with its curved shape ensures it sits comfortably in a horse’s mouth.  The comfort this bit provides, I feel, is unique to many other ‘chunky’ bits on the market. Something that in the past I have failed to consider in bit selection.  I have a couple of particularly sensitive horses and it’s really surprising to see (and feel) the difference a slimmer bit does make.  Furthermore, my horses react very well to the Salox Gold material used and they mouth nicely in it.


photo (3)

2. Control

Initially, I was a bit dubious about how much control I could exercise over my horses in this bit. Especially my bigger, stronger horses.  However, again it was positive to feel how much control this bit provides!  Evidently happier, my horses pull less, with improved steering I actually found that I have more control.

This bit places a low amount of pressure on the pole, which is great for those horses who tend to run on a little.  Instead of forcing the horse into an outline, it is less harsh and gently encourages them to lower their head.  I’ve put this bit to the test and I’ve had encouraging results from each horse I’ve tried it on.

3. Cost

Retailing at under £100 I really don’t think you can fault this bit and the price of the Neue Schule range!

Neue Schule Horse Bit

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