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SleekEZ Grooming Blade

October 16, 2015

Horse Grooming | The Tools of the Trade

I’m feeling pretty chuffed that I have all the tools I need to get my horses looking pristine.  As well as receiving some amazing HAAS brushes from Eqclusive (review here),  I also received a SleekEZ Groming Blade.

SleekEZ Grooming Blade

My horses seem to love this. The blade is incredibly effective at removing loose hair, dirt, and grease. I tend to use it first and then follow up with a soft brush, and then finally a cloth (or piece of sheepskin) to get that final shine.

SleekEZ Grooming Blade

To see the blade in action check out the video below:

Palomino broodmare SleekEZ’d

SleekEZ Grooming Blade Review

This is a very versatile peice of equipment which can be used on dogs, cats, goats…the list goes on.

RRP: £19.95

To purchase yours visit: http://eqclusive.com/collections/sleekez

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