Burghley Young Event Horse Qualifier|Barbury International Event

July 12, 2016

Here’s an insight into what the Burghley Young Event Horse (BYEH) qualifier consists of written by Carolyn Richards live from Barbury International Event.

Having not seen a young event horse competition before Barbury International, it was a fascinating watch. From 45 starters three were to qualify for the Young Event Horse Championships to be held at Burghley Horse Trials in September of this year.

Each horse is judged and scored in a number of ways. It begins with a dressage test (Section I). Watching this phase was interesting, as five year olds, they are all at varied levels of maturity. This was demonstrated: some horses enjoyed the atmosphere displaying ears forward and interest managing to overcoming potential distractions or new experiences. Some however, called throughout the test, spooked at the boards and struggled to hold their shape despite the effectiveness and professionalism of the rider. These tests were judged by the renowned racing trainer, Henrietta Knight. The maximum marks possible for the dressage is 30.

Burghley Young Event Horse qualifier|Barbury International EventOnce finishing their dressage they move straight onto showjumping (Section II) where they can gain a maximum of 40 marks. Again experience, ability and maturity was all demonstrated over fences. The majority of the young horses encountered difficulties in the combination fences. From observing this type of class it was clear to see the varying incremental steps for young horses and the communication between horse and rider: steering, agility, suppleness, rhythm, tempo, impulsion and concentration.

Burghley Young Event Horse qualifier|Barbury International Event

The confirmation (Section III) is judged in split categories: confirmation with a maximum of 12 and quality a maximum of 8. The final part (Section IV) only requires the top ten horses to be judged on ‘Suitability and Potential’ for a maximum of 10 marks, which takes the total marks up to a maximum of 100.

The winning horse certainly shone from the dressage onwards, Candiland owned by Miss Ellie And ridden by Millie Dummas. The free moving, attractive gelding by Casal is dark brown with a kind eye, white star with noticeable white socks. However, it wasn’t quite that clear cut….

Burghley Young Event Horse qualifier|Barbury International Event

The top 3 to qualify.

It was very close come the end as both Helen Wilson with Castle Richmond William and Millie Dumas with Candieland had the same score of 81 until the final section. Here are the scores up to the last part, check out www.britisheventing.com for the final results.

Burghley Young Event Horse qualifier|Barbury International Event

The winning horse.

Barbury International not only holds  the Young Event horse qualifier it also has a Novice, 2* and 3* competition. The event venue is perfect as the viewing is spectacular being able to watch the dressage and see nearly a dozen xc fences all from the same place! The spectators have a real treat being able to see nearly all the xc course from one spot as the course weaves across a field on the hill. The Novice course includes a wide of fences: trakaner, steps, bounce and water (which had a lovely blue dye in- watch your white breeches!)

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